A terrace becomes in mild climates the most used room if it is well designed. The use of vegetation and suitable furniture allows us to enlarge the dimensions of our apartment or apartment, improving the quality of life and even increasing considerably the value of the property before a sale. Regarding a garden, we have to take into account important parameters, such as the loads on the structure, the type of waterproofing, the longevity of the materials to be used. In our case, we design the substrates to reduce the weight, we improve the waterproofing to avoid root damage and we control the species chosen to avoid future loads on the slab and the effects of wind on the whole.

Green roofs can be extensive or intensive (with use), a green roof can be a terrace, with all the functionalities, but a terrace does not have to be a green roof. In our company we try that the green roofs have use, placing structures to be used by visitors or tenants. We can have vegetable gardens, water areas, pergolas, while maintaining the parameters of thermal improvement of the building.

In both cases, terraces and roofs, we study the possibility of reusing irrigation water, collecting the surplus and allowing water reuse after a simple process of filtering and disinfection. We combine aesthetics with ecology and contribute to reduce the heat island of the building. 

Here are some examples of projects on roofs and terraces:

Terraces. Examples.

Conventional terrace to which we have incorporated pergolas with sails, vertical garden and plants on planters, without the need to touch the waterproofing as the planters are elevated from the pavement. The color treatment of the walls allows us to expand the visual surface of the space.

Terrace in Madrid, on roof, with pergolas, wooden floors and paving, fountains and trees on planters 40 to 60 cms. high. The study of the building's structure allowed us to place the areas with greater weight on the areas with more resistance.

Terraza con jardineras. Los balcones y terrazas, no tiene por que ser monótonos.

Green Roofs. Examples.

Green Roof on Forjado. With small orchard, pond area and solarium. 20 cms. of substrate.

Biodomo de Granada. Cubierta con tres tipos de selvas, media de substrato preparado 40 cms. Como vemos en función de la estructura y el substratos podemos colocar arbolado sobre parkings o cubiertas.

Grass cover, 5.4 cm thick, with a 3 cm thick water accumulation and collection layer and drippers inserted between the grafted substrate. The objective is to reduce the thermal load on the lower floor and improve the habitability of the surface. These covers have a minimum weight and can be considered as extensive.