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Landscape Architecture and Theming 

is the brand of Arquitectura Paisajista y Tematizacion, s. l., a studio specializing in unique landscape and theming projects.

In GreenerLand we seek to offer exclusive designs in the areas of Landscape Architecture and Theming, to make the dreams of our customers come true, recreating unique naturalized spaces and environments.

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In GreenerLand we offer integral services in all the fields related to Landscaping and Theming, from the Project to the construction, from the plans and models to the final execution, counting on multidisciplinary equipment that allows us to offer customized solutions for each client.


Analysis of the space, List of Needs, Preparation of drawings and details, Report and Budget. 

Works Management

Planning, Resource Management, Purchase Management, Executive Project Management.

Consulting and Advising

Condition assessment, Improvement design, Tree planting plans, Environmental management advice, Water efficiency studies, ...


Execution of landscaping and theming projects. 


Conservation of Vertical Gardens, Cost Control, Maintenance Planning, Conservation of our works under guarantee for 6 months.

Areas of Activities


Arquitectura del Paisaje. Landscape Architecture
Arquitectura del Paisaje. Landscape Architecture


  • Parques y Espacios Públicos / Parks and Public Spaces.
  • Museos y Parques Temáticos / Museums and theme parks.
  • Jardines Botánicos / Botanical Gardens.
  • Restauración de Jardines Históricos / Restoration of Historic Gardens.
  • Exposiciones Universales / World Exhibitions.
  • Areas Infantiles / Playgrounds.
  • Restauraciones Medioambientales / Environmental Restorations.
  • Paseos Marítimos, Puertos, Autopistas / Sea promenade, Ports, Motorways 
  • Edificios Públicos, Hospitales, Hoteles. / Public Buildings: Hospitals, Hotels.
  • Campos de Golf / Golf courses 
  • Áreas Deportivas / Sports areas. 


  • Terrazas y Cubiertas Verdes / Terraces and green roofs.
  • Jardines Verticales / Vertical Gardens.
  • Jardines Privados y Villas  / Private Gardens and Villas. 
  • Villas y Urbanizaciones / Urbanizations and Villas.
  • Viveros y Garden Centers / Nurseries and Garden Centers.
Decorados Tematizados. Themed Decorations
Decorados Tematizados. Themed Decorations
  • Parques Temáticos / Theme Parks.
  • Acuarios / Aquariums. * Parques Infantiles / Playgrounds.
  • Museografía / Museography .
  • Escenografías / Scenographies
  • Tematizaciónes Interiores / Interior Decoration
  • Restauración / Restoration.


Our team has extensive experience in the design and construction of areas of reference in our country, such as the Atlantic Botanical Garden in Gijón, the Terra Mítica Theme Park, the Biodome in Granada or the Aquariums in Gijón and Zaragoza and Expo92 in Seville, as well as countless gardens, terraces and private roofs.

Botanical Gardens

Atlantic Botanical Garden. Gijón

Universal Exhibitions

Universal Exhibition in Seville, EXPO'92. 

Private Gardens

Single-family garden. Seville

Vertical Gardens 

Roof Gardens

Restaurant of the O. Seville

Terraces and Green Roofs

Private Terrace. Seville

Theming, Scenery and LandArt

Friezes in Terra Mitica. Benidorn. Alicante