In Greenerland we are specialists in landscape architecture and theming, areas in which we seek to offer exclusive designs that awaken the senses of those who trust us to make their dreams come true.

After three decades of experience in different companies, both public and private, in 2015 we decided to join our efforts, founding Arquitectura Paisajista y Tematización, sl and creating the brand GreenerLand, with which we develop our landscaping and theming projects, where nature and sustainability play a leading role. 

At Greenerland we combine landscaping and themed settings to recreate unique naturalized spaces and environments.  


More than three decades of experience with our own name guarantee our work.

Ricardo Librero

Paisajista / Landscape Architect

Landscape Project Director

A Landscape Architect trained in Barcelona and Brighton, he has worked mainly on public projects such as International Exhibitions, Theme Parks, Botanical Gardens and Environmental Restoration, working as a landscape architect and project manager, not forgetting private projects or the management and technical direction of environmental companies.

Rosa Gonzalez Albarracín

Escultora / Sculptress

Director of Theming Projects

A Sculptress trained in Seville and Barcelona, she has mainly developed her work on the theme of museum and leisure spaces such as Theme Parks, Aquariums and Gardens, working as a restorer in emblematic buildings, without forgetting the task of exhibiting sculptures and installations.