Since our beginnings in the 90's with the first green walls to the most efficient vertical gardens with f+p system and patent of Urban Landscaping, we have been improving the technology to offer sustainable and low consumption vertical gardens..

Vertical Gardens f+p

Our vertical gardens with the Urban Landscaping patent, differ from the rest in the innovation of the drainage system, purifying and recycling the drainage water.

With the improvements developed by our team, we reduced the consumption of water and nutrients by 2,000 % with respect to the rest of the vertical gardens, without any loss of quality, as can be seen in the photos.

That is why we maintain them and guarantee them for 6 months at no additional cost.

Vertical Gardens with soil

More economical, vertical gardens with substrate do not need the fertigation technology of hydroponic gardens. With special substrate and Atlantis structure. A low cost vertical garden without maintenance.

They are the ideal solution for places without the possibility of complex installations, although they have the limitation of substrate exhaustion and a change of the substrate after several years.

A bit of our experience

The vegetation of facades and vertical slopes has always been one of our concerns. Already in Expo'92 with the aim of achieving a green Universal Exhibition, the experience with the green walls of the reforestation team in the underground passages or the covering of the shells with nets for climbing or screens with mesh and peat for vertical planting, led us to redesign the columns of Av.5 (C/ Charles Darwing. Sevilla) designed by Site, to reduce the compaction in a green structural column of 5 m. high. 

Later we designed the landscaping of the Food Pavilion of Expo Hannover 2000, where we created some curtains of several layers, that supported the growth of plants for the Expo of Hannover, following the idea of the designer Miralda and Ingenia-qed, here were the layers and the technology that today all the vertical gardens f+p have, it was 1998, we did not know then the patent of Patrick Blanc of 10 years before, but it was simply to adapt the knowledge of the intensive horticulture to the needs of the design. Today Blanc's patent is the one improved by Ignacio Solano for Urban Landscaping. 

The years that we have been maintaining our vertical gardens have allowed us to introduce improvements in water purification and recycling, being able to guarantee a consumption of water and fertilizers similar to that of any potted plant, avoiding contamination by not contributing surpluses to the sewage network. 

Today we can say that our vertical gardens are sustainable and low consumption, but we continue to innovate by taking advantage of any opportunity to vegetate walls with different techniques.